What We Offer

Thoughtful strategies that make the most of your business goals.

Asset Management

Collins brings its range and depth of real estate experience to optimize the performance of its properties for its partners, investors and lenders. Collins’ team has a long track record of successful transformation of multifamily and commercial properties in the portfolio.

  • Adding value to properties through redevelopment and repositioning.
  • Creative capitalization strategies. Long-standing financing, with relationships with institutional equity and debt sources including the GSAs.
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Acquisition & Development

Collins owns and operates a $200 million portfolio of multifamily and commercial office buildings. Collins seeks strategic locations and implements intelligent, sustainable and innovative techniques that secure the assets’ position in the marketplace and increase the property value over time. Collins is known as an experienced and trusted partner that consistently offers its investors above-market returns and exceeds expectations.

  • Entrepreneurial vision for emerging urban submarkets with strong connections to employment centers.
  • Experienced in all construction types as well as organized and right-to-work labor markets.
  • Expertise in public/private ventures where public investment is part of the development.
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Property Management

Collins offers its partners and investors a full-service management team. The principals and senior staff of Collins are horizontally integrated in the management of the portfolio. This high-level oversight approach creates a motivated staff, encourages innovation and translates directly to improved property performance.

  • Experienced staff and regional managers that have over a decade’s experience with the company.
  • State-of-the-art internal systems and controls to ensure accurate reporting and property monitoring.
  • Pragmatic application of environmental friendly products in all new and existing projects.
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